Our Ambassador Program

Become an affiliate and make money from Top Hoopers.  

How It Works

  • Invite the Top Hoopers

    Easily invite the best players to join , compete and earn with your own uniques links and social share buttons.

  • Get A Piece Of The Action

    As an Ambassador you will earn a 3% lifetime commission from the Hoop Dollar (hoop$) purchase  for any new members you refer. 

  • Get Paid Via PayPal

    Commissions are paid out through PayPal so you can receive your payments quickly and securely.

Ways To Earn

Everytime a Hoop Godz member/player loads up on Hoop Dollars (hoop$) Ambassadors get a 3% lifetime commission from the Hoop Dollar (hoop$) purchase  for any new members they refer. 

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Yes! Legally, Hoop Godz is NOT a gambling platform, it's a platform that facilitates skill based 1 on 1 basketball competitions. Hoop Godz members place wagers on THEIR OWN performance, NOT the outcome of other players’.

Each state has its own law re: competing for cash. If you live in one of the following states, you may not play for cash prizes on Hoop Godz:

Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

You have to be at least 18 to compete for cash on the Hoop Godz site. It is against our Terms of Service and the law to use our site if you are under 18. Please don't make an account if you're under 18—we'll be forced to lock it.

  • Hoop Dollars(hoop$) is the official currency of Hoop Godz site, tournaments, and events.
    Hoop Dollars are transferred to the winner of 1 V 1 matchup or Call Outs.
    The exchange rate is 1 to 1. Every $1 equals 1 Hoop Dollar.
  • Hoop$ are withdrawn as cash payouts.

About Us

99% of players will never play professional basketball, the Odds are stacked.

So we created Hoop Godz where Hoopers can beat the Odds with our income opportunities and winning money in 1on 1 games.

Which results in players being recognized as top Hoopers who get the bag.

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More Affiliate Details

Members become automatic affiliates when creating a Hoop Godz account. 

Affiliates receive a lifetime commission from the hoop$ payout processing fees for any new members they refer. 

30% commission of payout processing fee.
180-day tracking cookie after the first visit to maximize earnings potential.
$100 minimum payout amount.
Payouts are in USD and processed monthly via PayPal.
As we reserve 45 days for potential refunds, we only pay commissions that are older than 45 days. 


The affiliate dashboard location:

Member Home >>

Three dots ... (on mobile) >>

Affiliate tab. 


You can deposit your unpaid referrals in your wallet. You can select a service and an amount to deposit, then you will receive a coupon for that service for that amount, which you can use to purchase hoop$.

Ambassador Terms Of Service

Tap the icon to review our Ambassador/Affiliate Terms Of Service for more details.

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