Where Hoopin' Can Make You Money

Love Hoopin'? Then make it love you back. Hoop and profit. 

The odds of playing professional basketball are slim.

  • Less than 1% will make it.

    With over 20 million hoopers globally and roughly 70k professional spots to fill worldwide 99% of players will never make a living playing basketball.

  • Scouts look for athleticism.

    First and foremost scouts look for athletically gifted players, hard work and skill isn't enough.

  • Luck is a factor.

    Hard work, skill, and athleticism may not tip the scale due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Put in the work and Hoop Godz is here to help you beat the odds.

Play hoops and profit.

With the Hoop Godz platform players can earn money in a number of ways. Playing 1 on 1 games for cash and our brand ambassador programs to name a few.

You earn it.

No gatekeepers. You put yourself on. Your effort, and skill levels the playing field.

A growing community of Hoopers

The Hoop Godz platform connects a community of players which creates plenty of opportunities to compete, earn cash, and respect as a top hooper.

We know how it is when you just want to hoop but life gets in the way.

Our Hoopers

Had a personal issue come up, and I needed to quickly get the cash back I used to load up on Hoop Dollars.
Because of Hoop Godz no time limit, no questions asked refund policy I was able to get my money back fast.
This gave me confidence I'll won't have any issues when I load up on Hoop Dollars again.
Deron Tillet
Los Angeles CA
I was looking to get a side gig to earn some extra money, when a friend invited me to join Hoop Godz. After checking things out I joined. After wining a handful of games I was able to make some quick cash. I can see how Hoop Godz will allow me to make some extra money when needed.
Jalun Miller
Atlanta GA
The fact that I can go on hoopgodz.com and find other ballers in my area who are down to play for something amazes me. I'm definitely using Hoop Godz to get a bag!
Aubrey Hunter
Inglewood CA

Join Our Community Of Hoopers

You will receive 2000 points upon sign up which is $10 in redeemable value! 

What We Believe

At Hoop Godz we know you are the kind of people who want to be a Top Hooper who gets respect on the court and takes the money off the court.
In order to be that way, you need the opportunity to be recognized and  compete amongst other hoopers.

The problem is the odds are stacked when it comes to getting to play professionally. 
Which makes you feel hopeless and out of luck.
We believe players dedicated to the game should not be limited because of unlucky odds and circumstances out of your control. 
We understand sometimes things just don’t go your way.
That’s why we created  Hoop Godz, here is how it works: Step 1 Join Hoop Godz Step 2 Get Hoop Dollars Step 3 Hoop with other members. Step 4 collect your winnings. 

To Get Started

Ways To Earn


Average at least 60% wins. 

1000 hoop$ x 10 games = $2000 profit less 3% processing fee. 

500 hoop$ x 10 games = $1000 profit less 3% processing fee. 

100 hoop$ x 10 games = $200 profit less 3% processing fee. 

Make money creating and hosting 1 v 1 tournaments , and other basketball events by receiving a percent of the hoop$ winnings.


Hoop Godz members earn points in multiple ways. 

Points can be withdrawn as cash payouts. 

Members become automatic affiliates when creating a Hoop Godz account. 

Affiliates receive a 3% lifetime commission from the Hoop Dollar (hoop$) purchses  of all new members they refer. 


About Us

99% of players will never play professional basketball, the Odds are stacked.

So we created Hoop Godz where Hoopers can beat the Odds with our income opportunities and winning money in 1on 1 games.

Which results in players being recognized as top Hoopers who get the bag.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Yes! Legally, Hoop Godz is NOT a gambling platform, it's a platform that facilitates skill based 1 on 1 basketball competitions. Hoop Godz members place wagers on THEIR OWN performance, NOT the outcome of other players’.

Each state has its own law re: competing for cash. If you live in one of the following states, you may not play for cash prizes on Hoop Godz:

Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Florida, and Tennessee.

You have to be at least 18 to compete for cash on the Hoop Godz site. It is against our Terms of Service and the law to use our site if you are under 18. Please don't make an account if you're under 18—we'll be forced to lock it.

  • Hoop Dollars(hoop$) is the official currency of Hoop Godz site, tournaments, and events.
    Hoop Dollars are transferred to the winner of 1 V 1 matchup or Call Outs.
    The exchange rate is 1 to 1. Every $1 equals 1 Hoop Dollar.
  • Hoop$ are withdrawn as cash payouts.

Got hoop$?